The following are the consulting areas by the staff of the Laboratory.

Manufacturing processes

Mechanics of machining; metal forming; composite forming; cutting; grinding; polishing; lapping; laser processing; process design; damage-free machining


Biomechanics; biomaterials; fabrication of implants and prostheses


Nanomechanics; nanomaterials; nano-surface fabrication; thin films; nano-wires; nanotubes; nano-composites; molecular dynamics analysis; cross-scale analysis

Characterisation of advanced materials

Mechanical properties; stress-induced phase transformations; constitutive modelling of materials; interface properties; subsurface damage analysis


Nano-friction; nano-wear; wear of cutting tools; friction and wear of biomedical elements

Continuum mechanics

Stress and deformation analysis; elasticity and plasticity; molecular dynamics analysis; analytical modelling; mechanics of anisotropic materials; residual stress analysis

Numerical analysis

Numerical analysis; finite element modelling; development of numerical methods and algorithms